Vanessa Teodóro
Upon sketching a few lines on Vanessa Teodoro – a.k.a. THE SUPERVAN – the illustrations stand out the most, as she spreads her unmistaken style in confluence of several artistic worlds as influences. As her work grows continuously in extension and quality, one can detect her sources and breath her taste, inspired by tattoos, comics, streetart, african art (naturally, she hails from Cape Town, South Africa) and the use of a myriad of unconventional materials.

Though diverse, Vanessa's rigorous drawings mix comfortably in collaborations with collective exhibits (GAU – Galeria de Arte Urbana and Pampero Public Art, both in Lisbon). Her constant venture into many different artistic areas, such as lomography, graphic design, advertising and urban art, confirm her need to overcome artistic boundaries.
The sky is the limit.
Artist colection
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