Bruno Santinho
It is said that natives of Gemini have a split personality, or at least two different sides to the same person and in Bruno Santinho's case, well, his work in particular, this couldn't be truer. His form and tecnique of drawing is in many ways opposite, despite of having a common denominator, evident if we look closely: Loose and spontaneous line work.
On one side he enjoys creating clean, colorful illustrations that often have a childish, spontaneous feel to them, almost naive. This side is heavily influenced by fables, story-time books, cartoons and comics, influences he maintains from his upbringing in the Northeast of the United States and the visual culture he was confronted with. More often than not, his drawings are based on lines that mingle and mix creating complex compositions that have an abstract feel but in fact have many hidden meanings and metonymic references. On the other side we have a loose, dirty feel with gritty textures, ink splatters and more subjective themes, like life/death, adversity, and other human relations. These creations are also a way to explore pattern and textures.

These graphics deviations are essential to maintain a his balance and keep him out of comfort zones. Bruno Santinho's training and education in Graphic Design originated also in a graeat passion and respect for typography, that he explores frequently and in the way he feels most comfortable with, pens and pencils.

Bruno has done work for Carhartt, Pictoplasma, RedBull, Mtv, London College of Communication, OFFF, Fuel TV, AllGoodThingsComeInPairs, Skalibans among others and has seen his work published in Rojo Magazine, Belio Magazine, Staf Magazine, Onsk8, Look de Book, La Santa Cultura Visual,Amongst other publications. His work has been shown in Lisbon, Barcelona, Tenerife, London and Los Angeles.
Bruno lives in Switzerland with his fiancée and Golden Retriever.
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