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GRAFIKWALLS, a collection of wallpaper for decoration developed by some of the finest Portuguese urban artists.

Bruno Santinho ( Quillograma ), Diogo Machado (Add Fuel To The Fire), Gonçalo Mar, João Rei ( CantSurfNaked ), Klit, Mike Tunna, Margarida Girão, Mosaik, Paulo Arraiano (Yup) e Vanessa Teodoro (Super Van) are the names that got together to bring those signed works of art, with an urban and very actual graphic language, into the decoration and interior design world.
João Rei (CantSurfNaked), one of the artists of the collective, is the mentor and responsible by this project management. the distribution is assured by prestigious Portuguese company, PEDROSO & OSÓRIO. This collective consist in a diverse group of designers, illustrators, writers ( Graffiti ), fine artists and even a tattoo artist. all with recognizable work and skills.

This project, more than a commercial product or a form of promotion of the involved artists and the partners of communication, is a unequivocal test of the initiative of the young creatives of Portugal materializing partnerships next to their country successful companies.

The printing method of the paper is " print-on-demand" that is, the customer indicate the exact dimensions of the area where the paper will be applied. This allows not to have wastefulness of the material. this not only allows a lower cost for the customer but it is above all, a ecological more-value. those patterns are available in 6 different textures of wallpaper (concrete/sketch book/dry ink/Urban/plain).

Pedroso & Osório is a company which markets fabrics produced in Portugal for professionals in the field of decoration since 1978. The firm is in charge of the distribution For portugal and several other countries.

Project concept and Management : João Rei
João Rei started early with auto-didact learning, moved by a passion for creative areas.
currently he works as freelancer in graphic design and urban art. His background passed for having established and developed the brand "B.Side" during 10 years.
Later it has developed some projects of design and art exhibitions, etc… it almost exclusively works in the area of surf, skate, snowboard and music. He is currently living in Sagres, from where he develops art and design projects, conciliating with a life surrounded between the nature and the Sea.
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