I do not destroy, I improve, I create, I give for the name of Mosaik. i do not vandalize , I construct. Instead of only disconnected aggregations of letters I developed styles. In the place of the disarrenged what had been coordinated traces had appeared skills.
The friendship and the pleasure that I extract of it are my base, the amusement my motto, the union my maxim and graffiti my identity. Architect of styles concentrated in urban natures, I try to raise the art of street to other levels.

Not distrust. I listen, I execute, I meditate. Am not more than myself, nor less than nobody.
I made almost everything and at the same time, i have made nothing yet.
The search is tireless and for more close that it arrives the more I will have, not to arrive there, but to go further. I spread styles and not hate, and this is that makes the Graffiti my passion and not the contrary of it.

Mosaik...playing graffiti since 1993
Artist colection
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