Klit started painting in the street almost a decade ago in l998. Since then he has developed a very unique style of graffiti, distinguished by flowing lines and organic shapes that have often been mistaken for floral elements. Nevertheless, the letters are always present, at the limit of subliminal communication.

Klit is the main drive behind the LEG crew, and has taken his style, worked skillfully in a remarkable way, to several international graffiti iams around Europe.
The respect and admiration which he has attained on the streets have been, in recent years, consolidated with commissioned work for a wide range of clients.
This up and coming artist has had the opportunity to show his work through some solo and group shows and mainly through the VSP collective, one of Portugal 's most creative and active graffiti collectives, who have held three editions in three consecutive shows with huge success. Klit is now pushing his style and technique further and further
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