João Rei
João Rei is a Portuguese designer born in Faro in 1971 who started an art career simultaneously with another art form, the art of surfing.
João start surfing at the age of 13 and a new world of colours and emotions were revealed to him, and this has been the major influence in his work and life ever since. Since then have been passionate about boardriding, art, music and life itself. All of these were the trigger to start to travel, work, live and learn. Thanks to this he met a lot of artists and boardriders with whom shared countless adventures.

With no academic art degree whatsoever, soon replaced school for experience and opened the eyes to contemporary art, learning from experiencing and observation. Since then the more João see, the more perceive and desire to learn.
In 1999 started a brand project from scratch, with his good friend Nuno Viegas, called B.SIDE. were they embraced all design, production, marketing, management and distribution of this project of love. It was an amazing journey until the end of 2008, when they decided to close the project.

Nowadays works as a freelance graphic artist, often collaborating with other artists, brands, shops etc on a variety of different creative projects, featuring limited edition artworks.
In the process of creating my his distinct visual dialect, is constantly searching new inspiration beyond temporary design tendencies and underground culture.
As time goes by through this white canvas of life and i grow old, i am more and more committed to improving his work... despite that i still look at life in a simple way, loving the ocean, his friends and family who allow him to realize that the best is yet to come.
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