Margarida Girão
Currently living in South America, Margarida embraces online communication areas, webdesign and illustration.
With a degree in New Technologies of Communication at the Aveiro University, Margarida also studied Journalism at the University of Salamanca, Spain.

After university study she was awarded a Scholarship in a multimedia Project at the Communication and Art Department, Aveiro University.
Margarida taught Multimedia Design at the National University of East Timor, and was the sole mentor for the magazine "Amostra", an online Gallery for young Portuguese creators. This project gained much media attention as it was a new connection between creators.

Since 2000 she affirms herself as a entrepreneur, with her work in illustration ever growing since 2008. Girão has also worked in production events and positions such as a production creator and marketing assistant.

The newspaper "i", the magazine "Visão Júnior", the newspaper "Dinheiro Vivo", the magazine ADWEEK, the agency BAR, Computer Arts, the band "Capitães da Areia", are some of the customers who already had bet on her collage creations.

"Margarida's collages are not just cut & paste pieces, she injects them with a controlled dose of humor framing what she really is: a woman and an artist, tempting and challeging. Art with a feminine touch is not what comes in mind, but a refreshing attitude towards everything."
Rafael Vieira, editor of Le Cool Magazine and Architect
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